Truth is Gold Picasso!

Truth is Gold Picasso!

“Picasso was a kind of wizard, who had the uncanny gift – through a unique combination of inner tension and sharp observation – of being able to see the world around him in a clearer, more truthful way than his contemporaries. Ugliness and monstrosity cannot always be co-opted into another form of beauty; they are sometimes meant to shake the very foundations of the viewer’s beliefs and reveal new kinds of truth. Clark’s book attempts to show how Picasso extends and even redefines conventional notions of truth through complex relationships between spaces and objects and subject matter, most especially through a courageous engagement with monstrosity. He observes that most of Picasso’s paintings employ what he calls a “room space”, self-contained, intimate and able to provide a setting for the expression of powerful feelings. He considers this room space to be a basic premiss of how Picasso treats beauty and subjectivity – what Clark calls the artist’s “truth-condition”. Such a space, he feels, is integral to the artist’s world view. It is not merely a medium or a vehicle, such as a grammatical or structural device, but a “semantics”, the creation of a new kind of reality.”

You can read the entire book review by Jack Flam called Picasso: Wizard of the real here:


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