Picasso Horse

Picasso Horse

Available at Swann Galleries

Sale 2341 Lot 380

From 1905
The piece is 220 x 140 mm and has a Van Gelder watermark. The print stems from Louis Fort, Paris. And was published by Vollard in Paris.
The estimated value is $5,000 – 8,000

What an exquisite piece! And seeing as how it is the year of the horse …

I find the history of horses in artwork fascinating. They have appeared throughout history, and very often within the context of a battle. However, horses started appearing less and less in art once it lost its significance as a mode of transportation or usefulness in times of war. Most horses in modern art are depictions of famous contemporary horses, horse racing scenes, or pieces of art that feature cowboys, Native Americans, or the American West in general. There is still quite the tradition in England today where idyllic countryside pictures and fox hunting scenes involve horses.

I know exactly where I would hang this beautiful piece! And I am certain it would bring me great luck for the Horse Year of 2014!


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