Gold Plate Open Heart Key Necklace by Picasso for Tiffany

This simple but beautiful Tiffany necklace is currently on sale. A gold plate Picasso of an open heart key made of sterling silver. The item is 18 inches long, but it is possible to order other sizes as well. This piece of jewelry will certainly open the key to your heart. It is the perfect gift item, especially since it comes in a green Tiffany pouch.

Where does the expression “key to your heart” even come from?

According to Lisa Hix in her wonderful article on skeleton keys, which can be read here

“Locks and keys can also be used to protect one’s most valued belongings or to secure the gates of a walled city, so having a key is both a symbol of trust and conquest. Back in the day, keys were used as a means to flaunt your wealth, as they indicated you had something worth stealing.”


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