Happy Doodle To You

And today … Happy Birthday, Picasso! Thank you, Google Doodle!

Proceedings of the UK Pier Review Society

google birthday

Like everyone, all I really want from life is to become so successful and so widely known and so popular and so unremittingly adored that my birthday is eventually commemorated with a Google Doodle.

It doesn’t have to be one of those animated doodles, or one of the ones you can play music on. I’m not fussy. But it does have to be visible worldwide, obviously, none of this “only on the .co.uk site” chicanery. I have standards.

So far, ninety-one people have had their birthday marked with a worldwide Google Doodle. That’s not very many people. If you go with the Population Reference Bureau’s estimate that a hundred and seven billion people have ever lived, then around 1 in 1.2 billion people have had a Google Doodle for their birthday. The odds aren’t good.

But to be fair, Google Doodles didn’t exist a thousand years ago, or even…

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