George Bush Jr. exhibits in April 2014

George Bush’s first solo exhibition – as an artist is coming up in April of 2014!

After eight years as the world’s most powerful man, former president George Bush is now an artist.

He may have kept a very low profile since he left his job in 2009, but he is now making a comeback, emerging with a new role in the world. He began to paint a few years ago – and now the time is ripe for his first solo exhibition.
President George W. Bush will be presenting more than two dozen paintings in April. The exhibit will be held at the presidential library museum in Dallas, Texas.

The subjects of his paintings are often dogs and scenes taken from his personal life. It is rumored that he mainly does oils.

Well, he’s no Picasso, but he does take his art seriously. Recently on The Tonight Show, he said, “It has changed my life.”

Is he a better painter than president? Come to the show to find out!

george bush paintings for gold plate picasso


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