Mobius Strip Table

Very nice!

Inspirational Geek

Having recently moved house and bought some more furniture I wish I’d come across this earlier.

My love of fascinating mathematical models and shapes is no secret, I’ve even featured an entire world on a mobius strip before, but this item strikes the balance between the theoretical and the physical.

Lots of maths and shapes work well in theory, or on paper, but how do you bring them into the real world?

Introducing the very real and tangible Console Möbius from Pierre Renart.

mobius strip table

mobius strip table 4

Made from carbon fibre and covered beautifully in rosewood it would make a great addition to my living room.  The only downside, as Gizmodo put it, would be “if you start dusting it you might never stop”!

mobius strip table 3More furniture from Pierre here.

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