About Gold Plate Picasso

Gold Plate Picasso is my brand. It is also the persona I use in my pursuits as a visual and conceptual artist.

I am inspired by art, by poetry, by photography, by graffiti, language, fashion, wisdom. In fact inspiration inspires me even more. That is what I hope to convey with my blog. All things that inspire me will go into it.

Some people have been impersonating me online, so please ignore the odd, poorly-written pages referencing “Gold Plate Picasso”. I have tried contacting those responsible for the dribble, but to no avail.

Please just ignore them!

My current thoughts and projects revolve around the following: creating events and interventions in natural settings as well as producing small handmade books. Since just recently I have become interested in curation. I am a hobby art critic and have never formally studied art. I have always been interested in the history of art, literature, film, philosophy. My hobbies include visiting galleries and museums, reading, cooking, dining at spectacular restaurants around the world when I travel. I seek out special experiences. I live for exclusive places where special care and attention is given be this art, food or presentation.



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